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Homefield brews with 100% local malts, plus lots of local hops and yeast, and the art of spontaneity, creating flavors unique to this region. Field to Glass means brewing with what's available at any given time. Never the exact same brew twice. Always fresh and delicious.

Malty Beers


Felicity 5% - light and sweet, fruity and clean. Easy drinking clear brown ale.

Manifest 5% - SOLD OUT rich and chocolatey brown with a mild citrus finish 

Perseverance 6% SOLD OUTValley Malt's chocolate rye, roasted barley and roasted oats are front and center here. Surprisingly light bodied and crisp, yet aromas of rich coffee and chocolate. 

Empathy - 6% ABV sold out

Deep amber brown with roasted oats and chocolate rye from Valley Malt and Munich malt from Blue Ox Malt House.  A handful of nugget hops adds a touch of the piney essence.

Mantra - 4% ABV sold out

Roasted barley and maple syrup. Dark and rich.

Hoppy Beers

Happiness 8%
New Engander 6% - another version of 100% local malt and hops plus honey this time

Perspective 7% - dank and citrusy too with a mild funk. Brewed with local Rakau and Cascade as well as Amarillo, Citra, Azacca and Galaxy

New Englander 6% - sold out super hazy and fruity. made with 100% New England grain and hops from Four Star Farms in Northfield, MA

Benevolence 7% - sold out Big and creamy, super hazy, or muddy, with layers of hop flavor that last all day ranging from fruit to spice. The lupulin runs down the side of the glass.

Resilience - 7% SOLD OUT- aroma of orange peel, bitter and citrusy with a touch of caramel 

Reflection 5% SOLD OUT- full bodied and easy going. Oats from Maine and pale malt from Valley Malt. Hopped lightly with citra and amarillo

Tenacity 6% SOLD OUT - light bodied and crisp but with a hint of sweetness. Fruit aromas of peaches, blueberries and citrus. Hopped with Mosaic, and Citra, plus Rakau and Centennial from Four Star Farms in Northfield.

Arnold Road  6% - sold out Complex flavors of pine, earth and fruit. Assertively bitter

Sustenance 6% sold out Tropical, funky, light and creamy




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Members get the first four jugs included, then $3 off every jug for a year. Plus on Wednesday and Thursday, we'll have our official 32 ounce growlers filled with the newest release for sale to members only for $8, or almost 50% off our regular price. In addition you get a tee shirt, first crack at ticketed events and reserved seating for other events. Your $100 membership fee helps us ensure access to the freshest locally sourced malts available. As you know all of our beers are made with 100% local malts. Come on in to sign up. 

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From Our Friends 

 Ragged Hill Cider Traditional Dry - 6.4%  a balanced blend of MacIntosh, Baldwin, Gala and Cortland from Ragged Hill Orchard in West Brookfield. Clear amber and dry. Aromas of citrus. 

Kent Falls Brewing Farmer's Table Saison 3.8%

Hermit Thrush Brewing Brattlebeer sour 5.3%

Wormtown Brewery Pilsner 5%

Wormtown Brewery Hopulence 8.5% DIPA  

Locally Grown Wines

Running Brook Vineyard

Westport Rivers