On Tap

Homefield brews with 100% local malts, plus lots of local hops and yeast, and the art of spontaneity, creating flavors unique to this region. Field to Glass means brewing with what's available at any given time. Never the exact same brew twice. Always fresh and delicious.

Malty Beers


Fidelity 6% - made with chocolate wheat from Valley Malt, this one tastes crisp, medium bodied and a lot like a good Columbian coffee plus carbonation.

Manifest 7% - coming soon - Rich and smooth. Dark coffee and chocolate flavors - full bodied. Crisp finish and hint of citrus. Chocolate malt, Munich, pale and crystal malts from Valley. oats from Maine. Small hop charge from Four Star Farms.  House yeast. 

Felicity 5% - SOLD OUT light and sweet, fruity and clean. Easy drinking clear brown ale.

Hoppy Beers

Happiness 8%

San Souci - 8% -  sold out Valley Malts: pale and Vienna. Four Star Farms hops: Rakau. Other hops Meridian, Motueka, Mosaic

Goodness Rules 7% - Valley Malts: pale and Vienna. Hops: Galaxy, Columbus, Citra, Meridian

Aqua Vitae 9% - 100% local, smooth and strong. We call it hop wine.

Perspective 7% - SOLD OUT dank and citrusy too with a mild funk. Brewed with local Rakau and Cascade as well as Amarillo, Citra, Azacca and Galaxy


Love is Love is Love 7% - made with lots of peaches, honey and raspberries. Yum 

Indian Summer - coming soon - made with more peaches!

Sunset 7% - SOLD OUT Gently tart and refreshing. Full bodied and hints of sweetness. Dosed with raspberries and rhubarb, plus honey and a dash of sweet cider. Valley Malt's pale and Triticale malts. Belle Saison yeast. Fermented at 95 degrees.




What they've been saying . . .




This is your Homefield! 

From Our Friends 


Artifact Cider Project Papa Knows Best 5.9% juicy, dry-hopped, tropical bonanza

Ragged Hill Cider (coming soon)Traditional Dry - 6.4%  a balanced blend of MacIntosh, Baldwin, Gala and Cortland from Ragged Hill Orchard in West Brookfield. Clear amber and dry. Aromas of citrus. 

Kent Falls Brewing Equinox Saison 4.8%

Hermit Thrush Brewing Rye Barrel Rye Sour 7.5%

Wormtown Brewery Be Hoppier 8%