On Tap

Malty Beers


 Faith & Humility 6% SOLD OUT made with a healthy dose of Munich malt from Valley. Characteristic of a German ale that may have been enjoyed about 500 years ago. This beer was made in collaboration with the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in commemoration of Martin Luther and the 500th anniversary of The Reformation.

Liquid Therapy 6% -  a dark brown ale with maple 

coming soon Thankfulness  . . . serious table beer.

Hoppy Beers

Happiness 8%

Forgiveness 8% - forgive me it's another hoppy beer 

Oneness 6% - little brother to Forgiveness. Lots of local nugget and cascade hops

coming soon Desire  . . . tropical and smooth


Indian Summer - sold out 6% Made with peaches, raspberries, watermelon, honey and splash of foraged wild fruit juice. Tart and delicious.

  Autumn Soul 6% made with fresh cider from Cook's Orchard and a splash of raspberries. 

coming soon Candlelight . . . an ale made with cider and cranberries



Homefield brews with 100% local malts, plus lots of local hops and yeast, and the art of spontaneity, creating flavors unique to this region. Field to Glass means brewing with what's available at any given time. Never the exact same brew twice. Always fresh and delicious.

This is your Homefield! 

From Our Friends 

Ragged Hill Cider Traditional Semi-Dry - fruity and crisp

Wormtown Helles 5.4%

Hermit Thrush Brewing Super Phunk #6 sour saison 5.9%

Kent Falls Kiwi Melon Gose