"People don't know what they want. They only know what they've had." ~ Akbar

Our beer is unique in that all of the ingredients except a small amount of the hops are sourced from sustainable farms around New England. We never make the same beer twice. Instead we let the variety of flavor from small farms speak for itself. In so doing, we capture the unique terroir of the region. Accordingly, we do not think of our beer in terms of beer styles which all originate in Europe.  

We feature hoppy beers, malty beers both light and dark, and tart fruity beers made with cider, honey and fresh seasonal fruit. 

In addition we have guest taps, hard cider and wine.

Likewise, our food is various and ever changing. We focus on quality over quantity and riff on popular themes with unusual twists. For example, we commonly feature tacos made with local organic corn tortillas, but we do not stick to tradition, often mixing in smoked scallops or chorizo sausage for fillings. One item always on our menu is a vegan option. Our customers have told us our vegan bowls, salads, tacos and boards are inspiring. So if you're in the mood for something unique, fresh and remarkably delicious, please don't ask what's on the menu. Just come on down. We'll find you a spot to relax, feast your eyes, massage your ears and comfort your taste buds.

Big flavors from small farms.